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Butyl tapes have superior properties as regards traditional tapes.
Waterproof butyl tapes are used as joint seals in construction and civil engineering works.
Adhesives with excellent water and weather resistant qualities perform a high degree of water tightness.
Double-faced butyl tapes have weather resistance and waterproof strong adhesive with polyethylene carrier.
Excellent heat and cold resistance properties.(-30/+80°C).
Superior durability.
Butyl tapes consist of butyl rubber adhesive that has extremely low gas permeability.
Vibration proofing.
Due to their rubber-based structure, butyl tapes have high elasticity.
According to usage area, butyl tapes are produced in various thicknesses and widths also double-sided or single-sided. (Thicknesses: 0,5-1-1,5-2-3 mm).
Limited moisture permeability.
Great flexibility.


Fixing and sealing/ packing of joints for waterproofing in construction and civil engineering,
Sticking of various building materials (Rubber sheets, foam etc.),
Vibration and acoustic isolation at floors
Anti corrosion for buried pipes,
Fixing of long flooring materials and artificial turf,
Roof waterproofing, general building and waterproofing of plumbing, etc,
Residential air sealing and damp-proofing,
Waterproofing around window frames in wooden houses, fixing moisture permeable sheets.

Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tape»


4420-- Waterproof and Moisture Proof Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tape   4420 Tek Tarafı Yapışkanlı, Keçeli Butil Bant


5931--Double-faced Sealant Tape   5932--Double-faced Sealant Tape


5933--Double-faced Sealant Tape   5938--Super Butyl Tape
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